Murder Ballads for Lovers

by Ben Senterfit

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Acoustic EP that represents the last 3 winters in NY. Dark shit but I'm richer now that these songs have passed through me. Dig!


released June 24, 2011



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Ben Senterfit Red Hook, New York

I am a musician. I've been making music a long time and been fortunate to play with a lot of amazing people. These days I produce, perform, educate, and raise my kids.

I own the Community Music Space in Red Hook, NY, where we help kids and adults to realize their own passion for the beautiful language of music. It's a great life.
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Track Name: Ballad of The Ashes and Sea (My Grandfather)
My Grandfather
Sailed across on the ocean
All over this world
He’s drifting on the sea
He took my wedding ring
When I bent down to touch him
Still I remember that man
In my family

Poor grandmother
Never had a handle
She’d roam from town to town
To keep away from the man up north
But he’s track her down and write her
Preach about the men she lay beside her
I remember that man
In my family

Old man we’re the people that you can’t deceive
Don’t tell me you’re a man in the high degree
My mind is twisted and confused
But you can’t put it together now
‘cause you got nothing left to do

His youngest daughter
He claimed he didn’t own her
He made it crystal clear from the Rockies to the Baltic coast
But now the mans no longer living
She’ll spend her whole life trying to forgive him
She found a picture on his wall
That said you’re family
She found her picture on his wall
That said you’re family


My mother
She sailed across the ocean
All her life
She’s flown across the sea
When he took my wedding ring
We bent down and touched him
And dropped his body down
In the dark blue sea

Track Name: Love To Play The Game
Love to Play the Game

If I had a single dollar
And It cost your love to play
Boy I’d throw that paper down and lose your
Love to play the game

‘Cause a love can’t last forever
Even if you break the rules
But the game comes running back to you
Like a joker plays the fool

And I can’t believe I’m standing here
A dollar in my hand
And I’m throwing out your love to see
If you come running back again

And when the game is ended
And I’m alone again at last
Man I’ll take my arms around your love
Like a window to the past

I’m standing in the darkness
And I’m holding out the blade
And I run my fingers down the rail
I’m a betting man’s brigade

But I’m betting on lost lovers
And I’m throwing out your name
And I’ running out of time to find
A jukebox to serenade

Well a man can't run from loving
like he can from aches an pains
but he can buy himself some time
if he can learn to love the game

And in the end it stands for nothing
but a lonely way to choose
between the days that rise and fall
and yet another chance to lose